Payroll Management System

    ETL Payroll directly integrate with all banks in Nigeria, with just a single click from the Accounts Department, the staff account is credited in their various banks. Immediately, reports of successful, failed and pending transactions are generated. It is secure, fast, effective and reliable.



    Add Staff module- This module makes it possible for you to add and modify record



    Direct Deposit

    Today so many companies have turned to electronically paying their employees. Direct deposit is a feature many companies could utilize. ECMS software offers direct deposit is a reflection that the company is moving forward with technology.

    Business Reports

    ECMS will allow you to create electronic reports of payroll that can be printed or exported in different formats. These reports allow users to get an overview of their payroll history and pull up records for various dates within the tax year. A variety of reports is useful being that each business owner needs different information for different purposes. Examples of these reports are payroll taxes, payroll details, pay periods etc.


    Automatic Tax Calculations

    ECMS Payroll Software automatically calculates net pay, federal withholding tax, Social Security tax, Medicare, state and local payroll taxes. This feature greatly reduces the time to prepare payroll for business owners whom still manually calculate their withholdings. The software provider has up to date tax tables





    Customizable Deductions, Incomes and Tax Categories

    ECMS Payroll can be shaped to fit businesses personal needs is an asset at all levels. ECMS Payroll software should allow for the creation of custom made deduction categories. Also automatically calculate deduction, and tax categories that are entered into the software and keep track of all of the various categories you have created. User defined incomes and tax categories will also allow the business owner to create situations that may be unique to their specific company making it very flexible and powerful.

    Pay Slip Printing

    ECAMS Payroll software can support two options for pay slip printing. The first option is printing employees’ pay slip. The second option is to print Payroll Schedule. The Management at a glance knows the total of what he is paying at the end of each Month

    Sense of Security

    ECMS give business owners a sense of security. Strangers are not privy to company and employees’ personal information. The program cannot be viewed online by computer hackers.



    Technical Support

    ETL will as well provide timely technical support at convenient hours of clients operation and multiple ways of communication are a benefit to the user.


    ECMs is not complex and it is user-friendly.


    ECAMS  Payroll provides

    -                  Online real time payment collections and monitoring solution

    -                  Online real-time reports of all payment made across the various channel

    -                  Settle all forms of payment (to contractors etc.)

    -                  Multiple channel of payment

    -                  Salaries payment

    -                  Direct deposit to staff salary account

    -                  Online real-time view of  all captured transaction


    Payrole Manager.