ETL Windows Solution

Windows Solutions

Looking to have a windows application developed? Leave the task to the experts on this job, we have been working with mobile development agencies for a good number of years now. Windows mobile platform has been lingering around for quite some time now, the platform may have become public recently but the platform was made available for Application development a lot earlier.

ETL Windows Solution

Web Solutions

Whether you need a complete website, full web application or just a graphic design – our highly experienced team will deliver. If it can be done on the web, we can do it! Over the last decade our capabilities have developed along with our growing team of experts. Quite simply, we’ll turn your “web dream” into reality!.

ETL Windows Solution

Mobile Solutions

In today’s mobile environment, you’ll need more than bells and whistles for your project to be a success. ETL not only helps you see over the horizon to understand technology trends, we pride ourselves on all the details of app development that will give your business a competitive advantage and make your life easy.

ETL Windows Solution

Cashless Solutions

We design, build, install and support all our cashless payment systems ourselves, hardware and software. That’s how you can be absolutely certain everything works together perfectly. And how we’re able to fix any glitches that may arise before you get any downtime.

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  • Inventory Manager

    Inventory management is an important part of doing business.

  • Executive Dashboard

    This project presents great functionalities for Managing Administrative and Financial Operations.

  • Payrole Manager

    Manages all your staff payments with a CLick.

  • Complete E-School

    Complete Suite Windows/Web E-School Management Portal, that includes Staff Payrole Management, Online Payments.

  • Complete e-Banking Suite

    This project covers all accounts,Generation of Trial Balance, Income & Expenditure and Bank Reconciliation features.

  • ETL SMS 4 All

    SMS4All is a Portal that Delivers SMS on time and Faster Speed,and also maintains Traffic well to give Better Performance.

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