Working at Elkanah IT Technologies Ltd. is like taking oneself to the world of opportunities…. Join us, Elkanah IT Technologies Ltd, if you are looking for a steady growth in your career. We have always been in search of the experts, in search of the professionals who think creatively, work with enthusiasm and add and maintain quality in the services we provide for our clients across the globe.

    We are in search of "YOU" if you are:

    Action oriented - You shall have the potential to work on varied subjects or requirements, generating new ideas, generating new thinking or adopting newer methods of execution.

    Intelligent and innovative - You shall be intelligent and innovative in what your domain is or what you believe you are the best at.

    Ambitious and autonomous - You shall have an aim to take our company beyond the level of success we are now, you shall be the one who has the potential to work on own, without being pushed or pressured but as suggested or guided…..And of course, with all freedom to add new dimensions.

    Confident and Passionate - You shall have confidence in you that you are who we are looking for, confident of making a difference in the IT work. And above confident, you shall be passionate, hard working and diligent as we believe only these traits make an individual and a company successful.

    Who we are looking for?

    We are a reputed company and serve clients with real zeal. We work for a large number of clients across the globe. We always deliver the best quality in services we provide. So, to maintain and continue working with same principles, we hire passionate people who can help us in what we aim at. We always look for expert web designers / web developers / internet marketing professionals preferably those who have experience in both SEO and SEM), mobile app designers and developers, software product developers with profound industry knowledge.

    Work @ Elkanah IT Technologies Ltd is like learning and enjoying what is learned and what shall be…. Join us today to be more successful in your career.

    Just email us: to know more about the opening we have presently.