Account Back-End Solution


    ECAMS delivers an entirely new dimension in Accounting management software, taking your business way beyond the traditional realms of accounting software. With ECAMS capabilities to integrate any third party software or any Online payment solution into the core of the accounting and management application, it brings all aspects of your operations together, providing you with an integrated, holistic view of your business.


     The comprehensive range of features and functionality, complemented with a number of modules, provides a scalable, flexible and robust management tool for your growing business.


     ECAMS is designed to integrate any third party solution, provide holistic view of your operations, Streamlining financial management, to control costs and boost efficiency also to Centralizing customer information and enhance visibility, enable cross-selling and strengthen relationships it also develop reporting systems for compliance, regulatory control and performance management including automated alerts. ECAMS Tightening integration of systems and processes for consistency across multiple customer service channels Using document management to manage collateral and customer documentation for compliance


    With ECAMS, users do not need to post any transaction from bank teller or otherwise, with the integration, any transaction done by any payment channel such as BANKS, WEB (ATM), POS, TRANSFERS etc will hit the software directly, and at the same time performing the posting process into concerned account heads and cost centers automatically, this postings will reflect on the trial balance immediate. From a single computer user can view transactions across the world and be in control of the Accounting process at all time.


    ECAMS as an Accounting and back-end solution was supervised and approved by two giant institutions and a regulatory body in Nigeria, NCA, Jos. (Nigerian College of Accountancy) the only indigenous Accountancy College in Nigeria. And (ANAN) Association of National Accountants of Nigeria. 

    Bearing in mind that The Financial Services Industry is changing rapidly, and only forward-thinking institutions will retain customer loyalty and satisfy an ever-demanding client base, ECAMS has fashioned in solutions to new legislation and regulation by regulatory bodies, also demand greater transparency and more effective risk management strategies.

    ECAMS has all you need to run a effective and a modern day account department. The technology, solutions and features are aimed at providing unlimited "scalability".

    ECAMS  is a user friendly software, it makes all the transactions go smoothly and with minimum of effort from the user or the accounts manager.


    General Ledger

    • Chart of Account
    • Trail Balance
    • On-Line approval that makes you  
    • Approve and Void before posting.

    Accounts Payable

    Accounts Receivable

    • Ø Billing
    • Ø Payment receipts
    • Ø Invoices & Credit Memos
    • Ø Automatic Credit limit,
    • Ø Automatic receipt
    • Ø Unlimited Contacts

     Information Management

    System Manager–Bank Reconciliation

    Cash Management and Reconciliation

    Fixed Assets,

    • Ø Processing of depreciation,
    • Ø Accumulated Depreciation and Disposal hits the Ledger Account directly when posted.
    • Ø When Assets are purchased, the system automatically posts the cost, credit the supplier with the    .           relevant amount and finally sends it for payments.



    Advanced Budgeting and Forecasting

    Workflow Management,

    Purchasing Workflow,

    Multi-Currency Manager

    G/L Consolidations

    Inter-Company Transactions

    Inventory Control

    Purchase Order

    Return Material Authorization (RMA)

    Retail Management (POS)

    Posting Manager


    • Generate basic accounting reports
    • Online real-time reporting
    • Generate other related reports




    • Unlimited user
    • Users privilege and control
    • Web services
    • Robust integration




    ECAMS integration 

    • ECAMS provides Seamless Integration Capabilities with the following payment channels

          Customer Website Integration ( Internet (Web))

          Bank-end Integration (Bank Branches)

          Point of Sales (POS)

          ATM (all Card types)



    Integration to customer Back-end Accounting System (to view using different criteria amount paid into institution Account)




          Debit Cards

          Prepaid Cards








    Features of the Back-Office Account Software

    • Seamless Integration to Payment Gateways

    Synchronised with the payment gateway to retrieve payment data from the payment processor into your own database.


    • Automatically credit and debit Account cost Centre/Customer personal Accounts: Payments made by Customers are charged to their personal accounts and respective cost canters and how it affect the accounting process as a whole
    • Shows payment information

    Details of all payment made is displayed making it possible for Admin to view the payment flow process


    • Monitor Payment process

    The back-office Account also makes it possible for Admin to monitor payment process


    • Real-Time Reporting
    • Filter Reports
    • View transaction Logs
    • Identify Transaction status

          Successful Transactions

          Unsuccessful Transactions

          Pending Transactions

    • Ability to query Transaction
    • SMS system
    • E-mail of receipt