DDMS delivers an entirely new dimension in document management system, taking your document activities beyond the traditional realms of document filling/archiving. With the provisions and functionalities of effective document management system and it holistic importance to buninesses  

    ETL DDMS brings all aspects of your operations together, providing you with an integrated, holistic view of your document management system (Drawing, records, Documents, Files,) etc. The comprehensive range of features and functionality, complemented with a number of modules, provides a scalable, flexible and robust management tool for The Department of Works and Maintenance, University of Ibaban.

    Much more than just Digitalizing documents, DDMS is also a complete Integrated Document Management System that will help you to gain control of Document by operating a perfect and highly secured document movement/retrieval system. This is done by creating an office scenario where different paths are created with high security where files can be retrieved or transferred through a path to particular offices/department for further administrative purpose with the inability of such document to be altered.

    Also, the software allocates a time frame for this exercise and auto retrieve the document at the end of the time allotted to that particular exercise (if the need be).

    More so, the document manager in DDMS can only grant access to a particular document to only those that privilege to access the document.

    DDMS operates a secured filling system where document are stored or filled according to its sensitivity, importance, use, priority etc.

    In the case of drawings, records documents files etc, the software is highly sensitive to the content of each document such that when a user tries to reproduce existing document, the software will alert the admin. This way, already stored is copy write protected and this will save the school the embarrassment of duplication by user.


    DDMS provides range of reports that can help the school to generate information regarding available documents. In addition, using DDMS, you can easily index document and find them while searching for your any topic...all in one search!

    More so, users can access documents anywhere in the world. The HOD or other officers with privilege can approve, stamp and sign documents using this solution even when they are not in the office. In the case of moving drawings to the location where they are needed, user with privilege to reproduce will only need to reproduce the document and it will come out as original.


    Bearing in mind that as the power of computers has increased, the cost of disk space has decreased and the cloud has become reliable and robust, more and more people are looking for a digital solution for at least some of their papers/ files. DDMS work seamlessly to provide you one place to find BOTH your digital (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDFs and almost any other file type) AND your papers/ files in one search. Using this product, you will be able to "Find Anything in Your Office in less 1 Seconds or Less and ability to access your document from anywhere in the world or locally...Guaranteed!

    The technology, solutions and features are aimed at providing unlimited "scalability”. DDMS is a user friendly software, it makes operations go smoothly and with minimum of effort from the user or the admin of the school.

    • Digitalizing Paper Document:  DDMS makes it possible to easily convert your paper, documents to PDF, Ms Word files and other format and store them in the amazing product. In addition, using DDMS, you can easily index the digital document and find them while searching for your digital files...all in one search!
    • Indexing of Digital Document: DDMS easily index the digital document and find them while searching for your digital files...all in one search!


    • Report Generation: DDMS provides range of reports that can help the school to generate information regarding available documents. In addition, using DDMS, you can easily index and find them while searching for any topic...all in one search


    • Student Record: DDMS keep both current and documents record and achieved document Keeping records of each.


    • Back –up: DDMS do periodic back-up of all document and records for safety and retrieval.


    •   Web- Based Application: the software can be accessed from anywhere in the world.



    • Alerts officer involves in document movement ( if the director wants an SMS alert for every document movement )
    • Bulk SMS to all customers
    • Etc.




    • Unlimited user
    • Users privilege and control
    • Web services
    • Robust integration


    • Administration Management.
    • Strong Security Administration.
    • Accesses Rights 

    Support Services Management

    • Material Management.
    • Very easy Implementation and handling.


    • Management Information system.

    -          Auto SMS System

    -          Memo generation and sending

    -          Delivery of information in designated E-mails and phones

    Integrate seamlessly with third party software




    • Multiple file download
    • DIY portability. (Student will be provided a log in details to upload relevant and required Documents)
    • Auto conversion of attachments to PDF format supported
    • Movement of document from one department to another
    • Document id shows all relevant information
    • Track documents
    • Document Export utility
    • Role-based security with inheritance
    • Send document as links or attachments
    • Comment pass on each document  from each department
    • Facilitate and track comment threads
    • Documents are stored on secure central server



    • Quick search of all documents, meta-data, full text
    • Full text indexing of document type
    • Advance search for detailed queries
    • Create searches with granular grouped criteria
    • Indexing server for optimal search performance
    • Save and publish common searches for quick access
    • Quick search within a saved search
    • View search values for custom fields before opening





    • Automation Capture document from any scanning devices
    • Capture back and front document from scanjet and auto conversion into single page
    • Auto conversion of captured documents into PDF format
    • Scan multiple page



    • Generate basic reports
    • Online real-time reporting
    • Generate other related reports


    • System architecture and integration allows all The Department of works and maintenance University of Ibadan data to  reside in one database, eliminating the need to re-enter or  synchronize data


    • Software supports  administration needs without  requiring schools to purchase additional costly modules


    • Email capabilities and Parents Web provide The Department of works and maintenance University of Ibadan significant expense savings for postage, printing and reproduction


    • Documents are records are protected from loss to fire or any other disaster.


    • Quick search of document and records.


    • Easy retrieval of document


    • Document can be transferred from one office to another through the path created


    • Strong security


    • Detect duplication of document


    • ETL’s servers are backed up and maintained in a  professionally managed data center, eliminating the school’s need to support this function


    • ETL’s technical support staff can view the same screens as you do, in  real-time, allowing them to provide unmatched  technical support