As the day-to-day use of voice, data, video and multimedia applications increases, the need for quality, secure communications between in the Department, offices and outside locations is growing exponentially. Infrastructure management and network optimization are draining the IT resources which should be focused on your business objectives.

    ETL will help you lighten your resource load and keeps your information flowing by providing Wide Area Data, Voice and Video Communication Network Solutions (ET-COM) that enhance application performance and deliver the flexibility you need to increase your management efficiency as you grow.

    ET-COM is designed to streamline processes and improve the way information is being exchange in the department, it allowing each user to maximize their strengths while increasing productivity and meeting the organization’s expectations. With the use of ET-Com Large files, programmes and application can be passed across at a very high speed.

    It provides a consolidated view of an organization's performance, making it easy to:


    Implementing ET-COM into an organization allows organization executives and HODs to have access to information as at when needed.


    With it Video capability ET-COM provides also Teleconferencing Solution. ETL provide you with a one-stop solution for your video conferencing and customized audio/visual requirements. We help you with the actual implementation of the video conferencing strategy within your organization, rather than just unpacking the box. By doing so, we advise you on configurations and a range of useful peripherals and options which can improve this process and increase the utilization of video conferencing, thereby enhancing the benefits to your organization.


    From a single computer on the network, user can send document to any location on the network, chat, talk or even hold meetings. The list of all the users that are logged on will be displayed at the side bar and user can choose or pick he wants to communicate with. Meeting can be held with the conferencing capability of the solution.


    However with other infrastructure, phones can be used across the network for free for communication purposes. The network will be designed in such a way that all sections of the department will have an IP phone box that is running on the network. There will be phone boxes in each offices of the department. This will reduce the cost of installing PABX. or subscribing to any network.


    For effectiveness parallel networks will run but the LAN will carry both the Internet, video, Voice and Data exchange.