ETL Mobile Agency Solution is tailored to assist collection, enumeration and calculation of revenue due for the authorities. Elkanah offers partnership service with organizations(Banks) and accounting firms responsible for the collections of revenue and taxes for the 3 levels of government(Local, state and Federal Government) and management of IGR related services. This solution avails these institutions the platform for correctness in tax allocation, inclusion of all persons of taxable age across formal and informal sector; automated collections and remittances, multiple revenue sources for the state. It will also interface payment platforms to ensure collection inclusive of field agents monitoring and calculating of commissions.

Establishing an agency banking network enables these organizations to extend their reach for collection of revenues and taxes, onboarding new tax payers and retaining existing ones while providing the physical backbone that will allow them to both protect and grow their bank business.


Central Tax Payer Database:

Use of Customized mobile, point of sale terminals for collection of revenue. Revenue collected via the POS terminals is recorded and updated real time to secure servers. Reports are automatically generated showing the actual revenue collected at the point of reporting

Instant Receipting:

This is a comprehensive database of all taxable entities with a unique identification number. Tax payment history is logged and an accurate report tax defaulting entities can easily be generated.

Virtual Credit:

Revenue collection officers in the field are allocated POS terminal with virtual credits in areas where tax payers do not have debit/credit cards. When cash is collected by the revenue collection officers, instant receipts to the tax/levy payer are made available and the amount collected is subtracted from the virtual credits allocated to the revenue collection officers. Amounts are balanced at the end of the day when cash is collected and balance of virtual credits is tallied.

Secure Transaction:

Our Point of Sale Terminals includes a verification module that generates unique security codes that prevent all forms of receipt forgery. Valid Receipts show will display the security code when scanned with a bar code scanner. The POS terminal is also secured with a code and Password ensuring that only authorized persons can operate the terminal. In addition, data collected is stored in secure private servers and can be retrieved easily. Backups are also available in the event of system failure.