ICT Training

  • One of our main desire is to EMPOWER a lot of youths to become knowledgeable in the all the areas we are involved in the Internet Field.

    Our training arm started several years ago with just a young man and ever since we have empowered hundreds of youths over the years. We have worked with several organisations in training people on how to develop PROFESSIONAL websites, run success Ebusiness platforms on the Internet.

    We run General Trainings, Corporate Trainings and One-on-One Trainings.

    Our trainings includes:

- Windows Application with VB.Net
- Windows Application with C#
- Web Application with ASP.NEt
- Windows Communication Foundation (WCF)
- Mysql Server 2008 R2
- PHP (Object Oriented Programming)
- JQuery, CSS 3
- ASP.Net MVC 2,3,4,4.5(C#)
- ASP.Net Web Api
- Crystal Report Engine/Application
- Telerik Report Engine
- Web Design (HTML, CSS, Javascript, Dreamweaver)
- Web Development (PHP, MYSQL)
- Database Administration
- AutoCad
- Graphics and Desktop Publishing
- Computer Appreciation & Microsoft Office Suite
- Project Management
- Desktop Application Development (Java, C#, Visual Basic, .Net Studio) e.t.c