Wider Pay Solution


    Cash plays an integral role in the retail and banking industry resulting in cash management processes being at the forefront of most banks, retail and wholesale enterprises and cash in transit companies. Manual cash handling processes that are used today offer major potential for increasing efficiencies and productivity along the entire cash value chain.


    However, The Central Bank of Nigeria, lead by its Governor Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, has put forward a policy requiring that all cash transactions be set at a daily limit. It is in view of this that the cashless economy is eminent considering the prevailing circumstances and in line with Technological advancement in the 21st century.


    A cashless economy its simply at its prime when all means of payments are carried out without the use of physical cash. Payments will range from a list of options such as cheques, wire transfers, debit and credit cards, online transactions, and mobile banking.

    The advantages of a cashless society are enormous; from regulating, controlling, and securing the financial system of any economy.


    Wider-Pay solution as provided by ETL is a real-time processing system which allows your customers easy, secure and instant access to the payment service, online reporting, regular settlements and excellent payment schedule.


    Wider-Pay solution as provided by ETL is designed to put an end to any form of payment issues. It offers world-class financial and management reporting tools, superb customization capabilities and scalability for businesses and Establishments.


    There are various channels at which payment can be made. These channels include


          On-line payment system via your website

          On-line revenue collection leveraging Bank branches

          Point of sales (POS)



    These various channels are made available to prospective client to choose from in other to facilitate online payment process.

    Mode of operation differs from one organization to the other therefore, a client can adopt one or all these channels for payment process as it suites it business requirements.







    • Wider-Pay provides Seamless Integration Capabilities

          Customer Website Integration

          Bank-end Integration

          Integration to customer Back-end Accounting System


    • Wider-Pay provides multiple Payment Channels


          Bank Branches

    This solution enables real-time premium payment and collections solution. The solution allows Merchants collect payments from its customers via all bank branches in an online real-time manner.


          Point of Sales

    This system enables customers to make payment for purchases (or other payments) via debit or credit cards. Item purchased or to be paid for, can be paid for using the card system. The customer swipes the card through the terminal and the equivalent amount of purchased is deducted from the customer’s account. The buyer is debited while the seller is credited.

          Internet (WEB) ATM

    Internet (web) Wider-Pay On-line web based payment gateway facilitate payment in the internet (corporate payment gateway) using card issued by banks

    The customer or the payee visits your website to make payment. The website pages allow your customer to define what they are paying for, instigate the payment process, and then enter their credit card and other information.



    • Wider-Pay provides consolidated view of all payment made.


    • Payment Reconciliation  and monitoring

          Provides Payment and customer details

          Provides Unique Transaction Reference Code

          Covers all Customer Payment and Collection Business


    • Wider-Pay provides Online Real-time Reporting Access

          Access to all payment and channel reports


    • Wider-Pay provides multiple Payment Option

          Debit Cards

          Prepaid Cards